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We ship Gelato in packs of four or five pints each, but you can build your packs using whatever combination of flavors you like.

Our vanilla might remind you of homemade ice cream. Just a few simple ingredients mixed in with our farm fresh goat milk give this frozen dessert a perfect blend of taste and simplicity. It is perfect by itself or change it up and pour on some Lewis County Maple Syrup, your favorite Irish Cream, a handful of berries or even some apple crisp. Yummmm! Enjoy our very first gelato that we made!

Our maple has a perfect infusion of Lewis County Maple Syrup, made by our friends at Grandma Z’s just up the road. We love the flavor so much and we bet you would too!We are not currently making our maple walnut and have replaced it with our pure maple gelato. The flavor will remind you of standing in a wood-fired sugar shack.

Our chocolate will take you right back to summer days when you enjoyed a fudgecicle in the heat of the day. The rich cocoa flavor gives your taste buds a real treat. The chocolate gelato is perfect by itself or take it to the next level by drowning it in chocolate fudge sauce our syrup. It is soooo good!

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